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´╗┐pub with a party on tap

A 500 seat pub like "Anaboliset Aineet" restaurant with wraparound TV screens "Anabolika Definition" (displaying frenetic shots of penalties, goals, kicks, tackles, head butts, sudden deaths), blaring music and the roar of hundreds of people conversing. People can''t seem to get enough of the bedlam.

The name, Craft Beer Market, gives you a clue to the attraction; Craft claims to have the largest selection of craft beer in Canada. And there''s a lot. Four kilometres of tap lines. Beer pouring from 140 taps. The glass walled keg room displays 450 kegs of local and international beers at the ready.

It''s a busy place. On weekends, you''d better find your Comprar Levitra Zen zone as the waiting "Oxandrolone Powder India" time gets worse. It must have taken a lot of nerve to invest in a 500 seat restaurant, I thought, but this is the third Craft Beer Market. There''s one in Calgary and another in Edmonton and both are gigantic.

The Vancouver Craft is in a barnlike building in the heart of Olympic Village. It''s in the historic Salt building and the dramatic, soaring space definitely is part of the allure. The building once operated as a plant processing salt to service a thriving fishing industry and then it became a paper recycling plant. The renovated 16,000 square foot building first served as a community centre for Olympic athletes during the 2010 Olympics.

The enormous room absorbs a lot of the 500 or so voices and it''s possible to have a conversation without yelling but it''s still a cacophony, especially if, up in the mezzanine, there are birthday parties going on. There were two one evening and by the end of our meal, I felt wrung out.

The food stays close to the Calgary and Edmonton menu and of the dishes I sampled, the signature sticky ribs was the standout. Blackened and sticky, it arrived on a wooden slab (there were nine little ribs) accompanied by a Masteron Side Effects For Women'' cast iron pan of roasted Brussels sprouts and potatoes. Ribs, a hockey game, a flight of beers it was kind of man heaven for my husband. The ribs are braised overnight after a rubdown of black miso barbecue sauce.

Meanwhile, I quite enjoyed the Ocean Wise Baja fish tacos. The fish tasted fresh and was nestled in three taco shells and served with a big helping of slaw and hot sauce.

Another man pleaser is the beer can chicken (just the name alone was enough to ignite a smile on his face). It wasn''t the most flavourful chicken but it was moist and juicy and the Cajun spice blend zipped it up. It''s brined for two days in a honey brine, injected with a beer infused chicken jus. The dish comes as half or a quarter chicken.

Thai lettuce wrap didn''t seem very Thai with the crispy chow mein noodles with red and green peppers, some raw veggies and rice to fold into lettuce (sauces on the side).

The crab cake sliders had great buns (made in house) Methenolone Acetate Side Effects but the crab had a whiff of fishy odour and was over processed not a winner. Miso marinated halibut featured a nice piece of fish but a ponzu sauce was too sharp with soy, the bok choy was almost raw and I thought the rice cake was a potato cake.

We tried the "dessert in a jar" Sustanon 250 4 Ml A Week stout infused chocolate cake, sponge toffee, bananas, cashews and chocolate sauce, all topped with Earnest Ice Cream. Gotta say, the best part is the Earnest Ice Cream which plays a role in every dessert here. I''d have been happy to have just the bowl of ice cream.

The menu is beer friendly with themes of burgers, sandwiches, pastas, flatbreads, as well as some mains. There''s a lot to choose from and much I haven''t tried, like the burgers (including the 20 Napkin Burger with two eight ounce burger patties, four ounce brisket and bacon, garnished with a mini burger).

Staff are young (they have to be to elevate themselves to the mezzanine level, delivering food and beer via a long staircase) and friendly and can talk beer. The food comes out promptly considering how busy the kitchen must be. One detail it would be nice if they wiped tables clean of spills at least between courses.

The company is community minded and supports Camp Good Times (helps children with cancer), St. Vincent de Paul Society (helps families in need), Vancouver Firefighters Charitable Society (helps raise funds for the Burn Fund) and encourages staff "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" to buy TOMS Shoes (the shoe company matches each pair of shoes bought with a donation to a child in need).

This is definitely not a place for first dates or finding inner peace but if you like beer, want to meet up with friends, catch a game and enjoy a party atmosphere, Craft has you in mind.

CRAFT BEER MARKET. 85 West First Ave., 604 709 2337. Open daily for lunch and dinner.


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